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Zmeena Orr is an exotic dancer, adult film actress, musical artist, real estate investor, Instagram model and a Forex trader. Born on December 11th 1986, the American ebony big ass babe is well know since she was spotted with a popular American rapper, Drake and it was rumored she and the singer used to date each other. As a singer she released her debut song, "Digital Love" in around 2018, which currently has over 150k views on YouTube.

Born and raised in Connecticut, she used to be a stripper at the same club Cardi B worked years back.

The bisexual porn star has featured in adult videos with Pinkyxxx among others. Most of her videos are uploaded on Onlyfans page. Currently, she has over 800 videos uploaded on her Onlyfans profile. It is believed most of her income comes from her Onlyfans account where she shares photos and videos with her fans and subscribers. Also, Zmeena has over 500k subscribers in Twitter and 1.8 million Facebook followers on Instagram.

As a single mum, she showoff her beautiful daughter on her Instagram account.
Birth Date: Dec 11, 1986
Ethnicity: Black
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