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The black american porn star Yum the boss hails from New York. Pornstar Yum the boss origin is from india. If you say Yum the boss is an indian, well you may not be far from the truth. The name "Yum" was given to her by her mum when she was younger. Yum the boss's personal life is not well know to the public. It was claimed she came into porn limelight in 2018. Yum the boss started her career as a striper, worked with Chocolate models ( Chocolate Models ) before venturing into amateur porn. She has starred in few porn videos but they are indeed one one the hottest videos in the porn industry. Yum the boss ( Yum Da Boss ) is well known for her big ass and her sexy shape. Yum's big ass attracted several porn industries, including Pinkyxxx Entertainment. Pinky, the CEO of Pinkyxxx Entertainment loves signing female models with big ass and can fuck big dicks like rico strong. Yum Thee Boss as a model and exotic dancer worked in NYC area. Yum Thee Boss shooting adult films with the legendary CherokessDaAss and PinkyXXX. Yum The Boss is best known for her super round soft ass.

Yum the boss's first ever porn scene when she got signed into Pinkyxxx Entertainment was with Rico Strong. According to her, She was nervous in her first porn and later she became used to it. She enjoyed the sex, the fame, the money and the fans attention. Yum the boss is looking forward to insuring her sexy ass just like the likes of Kim Kardashian and JLo. It is so funny that Yum the boss's ass is bigger than JLo and Kim's in combined.

Her ass is so big that she had to buy clothes specially made for her. According to her, man who often fuck Yum the boss doggy style cums in the average of 30 seconds due to her sweet shaped big ass. She likes cream pie because it turns her sex drive on. On an average, average guys could only survive her sex for 2 minutes. She claimed some of the guys can make her feel good the short duration of time. Yum the boss likes guys that is in full control during sex

Yum the boss takes her time to make herself look perfect before going out.
Country: United States
Ethnicity: Black