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Black female porn stars had played significant roles elevating the success of many porn industries. Ebony Mystique or Mystique for short, had wasted no time breaking through in the porn market, off-course with the help of Pinkyxxx production. Her enhanced boobs as well as her height brought out the uniqueness in her. Without doubt, she is one of the hottest black porn star in the industry. Ebony Mystique ( Angel Mystique ) was born Wednesday 23 November 1988 in Haven, Connecticut in the East Coast of USA. As at the time of writing this blog, Ebony Mystique was already 32 years of age. Many of her fans feels she is way younger than her age. According to her in an interview with TT Boy TV, she said she is originally from Haven in the City of Connecticut before she spent most of her life in Brooklyn, New York.

Ebony Mystique graduated from high school at about 17 and got her nursing license at 20. Her sexual life started was she was deflowered at 16 years of age in high school. The interesting thing about her is the fact the she doesn’t really bother about that moment. After all, she was just trying to have a very good time fucking.

Unlike many porn stars. the black goddess did not begin her porn career at an early age, Ebony Mystique started her first professional porn scene in 2019, when she was about 30 years of age. Before then, Mystique has acted series of amateur porn videos on mask including her solo videos as well as non-solo scenes. Ebony Mystique did couple of videos before she went for breast enlargement. According to her in interview with TT Boy TV, it was said that her first porn scene was with Pinkyxxx.com.

Ebony Mystique
Ebony Mystique got signed by Pinkyxxx Entertainment, Royalty Entertainment owned by porn star Pinky. Mystique started her career as an ananymous model, by wear face mask in order not to reveal her face. But off-course this act cannot elevate her in the industry. When she became more determined to take her career to the next level, she decided to reveal her face. She later starred without any face mask put on, featuring the top adult stars with the likes of Alexis Andrews, BK Brick, Jovan Jordan and Rico Strong. Ebony Mystique has also featured in videos with Logan Long,Slim Pope, JULIO GOMEZ, Amber Alena, Alexis Tae, Kamyla Samone, Charlie Mark, Yum the Boss and Victoria cakes. About 80% of the guys that fucked big ass Ebony Mystique are blacks of which many of them have big dicks. Ebony Mystique first ever scene was with Rob Piper.

Ebony Mystique and Charlie Mark
She confessed that Piper fucked her really good especially with his black huge dick. Ebony Mystique best cum shot experience was with Jovan Jordan, she admitted. Ebony Mystique also said in an interview that Charlie Mark is the best fucker of all the male porn stars that have fucked her. Charlie Mark is with no doubt, one of the best male porn star in the industry. Ebony Mystique is fund of him, claimed Mark was extremely professional when he fucked her in a sex scene. Does that mean she wants to go out for a date with Mark?

Porn star Pinky taught Ebony Goddess Mystique every thing she needs to know about the porn industry. According to an interview with TT Boy TV. Pinky said she Ebony Mystique is her protege.

Angel Mystique fucks guys with gigantic dicks especially in the anal way. Sometimes when I watch her videos of mystique taking on big dicks, I often get scared she doesn’t get hurt. It seems to me the ebony could handle herself very well. Very few blacks can handle anal sex with big dicks. In otherword, she is willing to do anything to be successful in the industry.

2020 may be a breakthrough of her career as Ebony Mystique has worked with top porn companies like Brazzars, Pervmom, Sherokee D’ass and Reality Kings ( RealityKings ). Off-course no company will ignore to work with the sexy queen. Her boobs alone should qualify her for an award if need be. Sexy Ebony mystique may have an enhanced looking sexy big boobs, they are very sexy and extremely tempting to be touch. I believe many porn stars are dying to work with the ghetto babe, not just for the money, but to have a good sexual expreience with her. In the same year, she has featured in trans scenes. Angel Mystique shot her first trans scene with Ts Paris and then with Ts Foxxy. You need to watch how Ebony Mystique was fucked by the trans models.

Ebony Mystique and Ts Paris
Ebony Mystique unlike her menthor, Pinky, had done couple of anal scenes. Isn’t it suprising that Pinky hasn’t done any anal scene? Mystique usually brags about it. In fact, her anal sex scene is a huge experience for her. She always wants her ass to be pounded. She likes DP, not just her pussy. No wonder Pinky likes her a lot. As mentioned earlier, Ebony mystique is willing to do anything in the porn market maybe because of her sex drive. She is even looking forward to a scene where she will fit two or more dick to her ass. What a courageous lady she is.

Ebony Mystique
Ebony Mystique fucks male, female, couple and transgender. Mystique as at 2020 has a breast size of 36 Triple D. Probably she is looking forward to enlarging her boobs size in the future but right now her big boobs are great. Even her boss, Pinky admires the shinning ebony boobs of Mystique’s. She isn’t a fan of watching porn unlike Pinky but has acted couples of videos scenes. Lolz. It cannot be argued she loves big dicks to the extent that she doesn’t mind getting hurt by it. According to Ebony Mystique, there is no room for weak erection, hard dicks is a must whether big or not big.

Many porn star did not have a decent career before working in the adult entertainment. Mystique’s was different. It was shocking to know that Ebony Goddess mystique ( Ebony Mystique ), outside the porn world worked as a registered nurse and fashion designer. Looking at her, it would be very difficult to imagine her as a porn star because of her personal way of life. According to her, she joined the porn industry because of her passion for sex. Ebony Mystique works in the industry because she likes fucking. The ebony beauty is a sexually active babe.

Pinkyxxx Porn Stars
She had couple of boy friends and she was sexually active with them. The sexual activities she had played significant role preparing her for the adult industry. Ebony Mystique likes doggy style, especially in submission.

As at 30th November, the latest video she was featured in was “ROOM MATES THE XXX ORGY” featuring PHEONIX AND MONROE with RICO and ISIAH. One of Mystique’s hottest videos in Pinkyxxx production is “Foxxy Brown”
Birth Date: Nov 23, 1988
Country: United States
Ethnicity: Black
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